Price Lists and Channels

Price Lists and Channels by Hoteliers

Developing effective revenues requires a comprehensive technical operation, knowing how to use the right tools and to define price lists/special offers for PMS and international agents.

Knowing how to properly manage international agent extranet.

If we do not properly establish our technical operation and transmit it online to our sales channel error-free, our prices will be incorrect, or worse, we will not be on the air and our customers will make reservations elsewhere.

At Hoteliers, we specialize in comprehensive technical operations in PMS and external channels.

Following are the services that we offer:

  • Preparing price lists on the PMS system for ongoing and business use.
  • Devising special offers and price lists for external sales channels (OTAs).
  • Opening, establishing and defining the hospitality ass on various OTAs: com, Expedia, HotelBeds, Agoda, Airbnb,
  • Managing ongoing operations with various external sales channels (OTAs) ongoing maintenance of Yield price lists in PMS.
  • Revenue Management.
  • Connecting agents to the online agent interface.
  • Monthly Consulting Meeting
  • Assistance and support on revenue and PMS matters with Silverbyte.

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