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Hoteliers was founded upon a vision of becoming the advanced technological home for the hospitality industry in Israel.

Hoteliers identified the need for a professional solution for growing technological needs in our era; needs that will continue to appear as technology continues to evolve.

Hoteliers operates on several levels, providing the comprehensive technological framework for optimizing success in the hospitality industry:

אודות הוטליירס

Advanced ICT services, server management and advanced cloud solutions, including:

  • Planning, consulting and establishing communication and computer systems along with advanced computing rooms.
  • Turnkey organizational system integration.
  • Transferring and migrating On-Premise computing systems to advanced cloud platforms.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner and specialist.
  • Consolidating diversified computing systems to a central computing hub (cloud topology).
  • Hotel computing center management and maintenance.

Professional consulting and support services for revenue management, bookkeeping and revenue auditing:

Hoteliers provides its professional services through certified hospitality consultants with decades of experience and know how in the hospitality industry.

Connecting and integrating advanced technological systems:

Hoteliers aims to provide Israel’s hospitality industry with access to the forefront of technology. In order to meet its objectives, Hoteliers has developed exclusive partnership and distribution relations with the best AI based SAAS systems in the field of revenue management, guest experience improvement and more.

27 Maskit St., Corex Tower, 2nd Floor
Herzliya Pituach, Israel

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