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A true revolution in improving the guest experience from Duve

In the realm of Customer Journey discussions, Duve Co. stands out with its innovative approach, providing hotels with an advanced Guest Management platform. This digital solution seamlessly encompasses every stage of the journey, from swift mobile check-in to comprehensive hotel information and vacation details, all the way to room service. Tailored to each hotel’s specific needs, Duve’s platform offers full 24/7 accessibility through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, eliminating the need for guests to download an app.

Duve’s Remarkable Benefits:

  • Revolutionary Travel & Guest Experience App, Accessible without Download
  • Seamless Data Integration with PMS (Program Management System)
  • Enhanced Hotel Staff Efficiency, Ensuring Rapid Responses to Guest Needs
  • Augmented Hotel Profitability through Direct Sales of Services & Products

How It Operates:

Duve’s platform seamlessly integrates with your hotel systems, including the management system, PMS, external sales channels, and the hotel website. This interface establishes direct communication channels with guests, fostering meaningful engagement throughout their entire stay, from booking to check-out.

Booking Confirmation & Digital Check-in:

Duve offers a customizable Guest App, seamlessly branded to reflect your hotel’s identity. Through this platform, you can efficiently manage the guest experience, streamline check-in procedures directly from guests’ smartphones, and present upsell options. Additionally, the app serves as a centralized hub for gathering guest inquiries from various channels. One notable feature is the ability to send branded booking confirmations directly to guests, regardless of the booking source.

Duve’s app streamlines the data collection process, capturing guest information as it’s inputted and seamlessly integrating it into the PMS platform. This ensures that guests enjoy an innovative and expedited service experience even before their arrival. Guests can access the app effortlessly by following a link provided, granting them access to valuable information about their stay, chat options for immediate assistance, details on nearby attractions, and a range of upsell opportunities including additional services, room upgrades, taxi bookings, room service, guided tours, and more. By leveraging Duve’s Guest App, hotels can directly enhance profitability without relying on external parties.

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