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RMS - BeOnPrice & Hoteliers

A BeOnPrice & Hoteliers revenue management system embedded with Artificial Intelligence.

The hospitality industry currently operates in a technological, data rich environment of multiple systems, high complexity, evolving dynamics and endless changes.

This reality renders pricing and forecasting nearly impossible without the help of advanced technology.

How many teams did we realize, in hindsight, that we did not maximize our revenue potential? Because we did not differentiate our service enough? Because we could have achieved much higher occupancy rates had we only changed our strategy a bit?

The wisdom of hindsight remained and ended in the 20th century. Today’s reality requires more proactive measures and precise strategy management.

The industry is facing a new challenge:

Finding the right and unique formula to leverage revenues and increase profits within a short time frame. A quick formula that will enable those involved in revenue management to deal mostly with: Devising the strategy that will lead to revenue growth.



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