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RMS (Revenue Management System)

BeOnPrice & Hoteliers’ AI-driven Revenue Management system provides actionable insights by generating recommended pricing strategies based on demand data.

The Hotel & Hospitality sector grapples with substantial challenges, notably the inundation of information and data. Managing this influx poses significant complexities, demanding meticulous attention and prolonged hours to stay abreast and make informed decisions. In response, integrating technological solutions becomes imperative, refining strategies with advanced AI-based tools among other innovations.

Presently, revenue managers dedicate substantial time to data collection through RMS systems, channeling efforts into shaping pricing strategies geared towards revenue optimization. How then, can one forge a winning combination to drive revenue growth and maximize profits within minimal time frames?

Hoteliers present: Technological AI-based tools for improved profitability

DI (Distribution intelligence)

As revenue managers responsible for distributing prices across numerous sales channels, you’re likely acquainted with the challenge of tracking booking sources. Distribution Intelligence (DI) serves as a solution, facilitating tracking of booking sources and providing insights into how the hotel performs across various platforms. Through DI, we can ensure consistent pricing across channels and mitigate exposure to price disparities.

Rate Shopper

Effective pricing strategies hinge upon a thorough comprehension of your hotel’s performance relative to competitors. Rate Shopper serves as an invaluable tool in guiding informed pricing decisions, harnessing data in the most sophisticated and comprehensive manner possible.

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