Profitability Generating Technical Operation

Technical Operations by Hoteliers

Efficient hotel revenue management hinges on a robust technical operation framework.

But how is this achieved? It involves leveraging the right tools and meticulously setting price lists and promotions in tandem with the Property Management System (PMS), all while collaborating with international agents. Furthermore, adept management of the Extranet necessitates profound expertise and experience in technical operations.

At Hoteliers, our team of experts provides a comprehensive array of technical operation services tailored to PMS systems and external channels, including:

  • Establishing price lists from scratch within the PMS system to facilitate regular business operations.
  • Implementing precise promotions for external sales channels (OTAs).
  • Integrating assets and configuring them across various sales channels (OTAs) such as, Expedia, Airbnb, Agoda, Hotelbeds, and more.
  • Managing ongoing interactions with external sales channels (OTAs) to optimize performance.
  • Conducting routine maintenance of YIELD price lists.
  • Adapting pricing strategies based on a deep understanding of consumer behavior to maximize profitability within the constraints of a fixed and time-limited resource in the PMS system.
  • Facilitating the connection of agents to an online interface for streamlined operations.
  • Providing assistance and support in communication with PMS providers to address any technical inquiries or issues effectively.

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