TV, Internet & Wi-Fi Services In Partnership with GuestVision Co.

Our collaboration with GuestVision embodies a commitment to ushering in a new era of efficiency and excellence. Since 1999, GuestVision has been at the forefront of providing telecommunications, internet, television, and content services tailored specifically for hotels, alongside comprehensive planning, construction, and integration solutions.

Through this partnership, we present a smart and integrated network solution encompassing computing, Wi-Fi, and CCTV, delivering significant savings in both initial establishment costs and ongoing operations. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless End-to-End communication and computing solutions for your establishment.

Backed by a skilled team of technicians, we guarantee swift and efficient support to uphold optimal hotel performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Hotel TV

Hotel TV has evolved significantly from the days of cumbersome external device installations on standard televisions to transform them into smart TVs. Thanks to GuestVision, Hotel TV is now managed centrally via a server, eliminating the need for physical in-room adjustments. With remote control capabilities, you can curate the viewing experience for your guests by selecting specific content or updating TV channels seamlessly through your chosen content provider, such as Yes or Hot.

GuestVision’s intelligent hotel TVs offer a plethora of features to enhance guest satisfaction. On-screen data presentation allows you to showcase hotel services, room service options, dining schedules, and even weather forecasts. Additionally, guests can enjoy hassle-free access to their favorite Netflix shows with licensed log-in credentials provided by GuestVision, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords. Furthermore, content mirroring from Android or iOS smartphones adds another layer of convenience for guests, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience during their stay.

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