Terms of Use

Terms of Use and Site Regulations

  1. 1. General


1.1 The language used throughout this website and these regulations is primarily masculine for convenience purposes only.
However, it’s important to note that all statements and provisions within these regulations apply equally to individuals of all genders.


1.2 The website hoteliers.co.il (referred to as the “Site”) is exclusively owned and operated by Hoteliers Tech Ltd. (referred to as the “Company”).
The Site aims to provide comprehensive information about the Company, its services, and more.


  1. 2. Terms of Use of the Site:


2.1 By accessing the website and/or submitting any information through it (hereinafter referred to as “the user”), you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these regulations. You confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the instructions outlined herein.
Furthermore, you agree not to assert any claims or demands, directly or indirectly, against the Company, the Site, its operators, owners, managers, employees, or affiliates.
Should you require clarification on any matter, please contact us via email or phone: 074-7699000 | [email protected].


2.2 The user may only use this website for the purpose of contacting the Company or obtaining information. It is explicitly prohibited to utilize any content from the Site, including images, without prior written consent from the Company’s management.
The Company retains all rights in this regard. Any unauthorized use of the website or its contents may constitute a violation of copyright or other applicable laws.


2.3 The Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or substance of information provided on the website by third parties. Users waive any claims or demands against the Company in this regard.


2.4 All images displayed on the website are for illustrative purposes only. Variations may occur between the appearance of products depicted in images and their actual appearance when viewed on the user’s computer monitor or printed.


2.5 The website may contain links (“links”) to other websites (“linked websites”) for user convenience. The Company is not responsible for the content, validity, accuracy, or legality of linked websites.
Users access linked websites at their own risk. Written permission is required to link or display the Site on other websites.


2.6 The Company reserves the right to modify these regulations, the terms of use of the Site, the Site’s structure, content, appearance, services offered, and any other aspect of the Site and its operation at its discretion and without prior notice.
Such changes become effective upon publication on the website unless otherwise specified.


2.7 The Company, its operators, owners, managers, or employees are not liable for any damages caused by viruses or other harmful components transmitted through the website.
While the Company endeavors to prevent such occurrences, users acknowledge and waive any claims against the Company in this regard.


2.8 The Company is not responsible for illegal activities conducted by website users or other parties beyond its control.


2.9 The Company reserves the right to restrict or terminate any user’s access to any part of the website without liability.


2.10 Any disputes arising from these regulations or the use of the Site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel, and the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


  1. 3. Prohibition of Illegal or Unauthorized Use:


By using this website, you agree not to engage in any illegal or unauthorized activities, as stipulated by these terms, conditions, and notices.


  1. Privacy Policy


Hoteliers values the privacy and confidentiality of user information and is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy and security of your user data. We may periodically update this Policy, so we encourage you to review it regularly.
Rest assured, the Company will not disclose identifiable user information to any third party without consent.


We are committed to preserving your privacy while you navigate our website, hoteliers.co.il. Our aim is to provide you with an internet experience that offers information, resources, and services tailored to your needs.
To achieve this objective, our website’s operation involves the collection of certain types of user information. As we understand the importance of your privacy, we’d like to clarify the types of information we collect and how we use it. This privacy policy applies to our website.


This policy covers two types of information collected on the site: personal and aggregated. “Personal information” refers to data voluntarily provided by you in connection with the website’s use, which identifies you and/or the company you represent.
This may include information such as your name, email address, phone number, company affiliation, physical address, and other pertinent personal details.
“Aggregate information” pertains to general data about website visitors and users, including browsing patterns, page visit counts, referrals from other websites or third-party sites linked to ours, service usage, and expressions of interest in our offerings or those of third parties featured on or accessible through our website.


What Information Do We Collect About You? How Do We Use It?


We handle your personal information with care, ensuring it is used only in ways you’re aware of and agree to. You may choose to request information about our company, participate in promotions, or subscribe to our email distribution or mailing list. In such instances, we may request your name and other details. Any information you provide will be used solely for the specified purpose outlined at the point of collection.


The information collected on our website may be used for:

  1. Registering you as a customer of our company.
  2. Sending marketing communications or surveys.
  3. Responding to your inquiries or suggestions.
  4. Enhancing the quality of your website visit.


Please note that this data is used exclusively by the company or in conjunction with authorized business partners for promotional purposes. We neither sell nor rent your personal information to third parties for unauthorized commercial use.
You have the option to opt out of our lists at any time, as each email sent via our mailing lists includes an easily accessible unsubscribe link.


Permission to Use


The Company may collect and utilize personal information provided by you in line with the uses outlined in this privacy policy or specified elsewhere on the website.
By providing personal information on the website, you consent to its use as per the terms of this policy or as indicated elsewhere on the site at the time of submission.
This consent is assumed by the Company unless explicitly indicated otherwise at the time of providing the information.


Protection of Your Information


We want our website visitors to feel secure while using our platform. Thus, the Company is committed to safeguarding the information we collect by implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.


Our website operates within a secure environment, with servers/systems equipped with industry-standard data encryption, scrambling technologies, and firewalls.
When you input personal information, such as during registration or via email, our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology ensures secure transmission, safeguarding your data.



Opting Out of Promotional Mailings


By providing your details to receive electronic mail, you hereby consent to receiving direct mail and marketing communications from Hoteliers Tech and its affiliated companies regarding their products, services, and activities via email and/or text message.


You acknowledge and agree that you waive any claims or demands, including those under the Telecommunications (Bezek and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982, against Hoteliers Tech and its representatives for receiving such services and/or advertising material via email or text message.


Should you wish to discontinue receiving direct mail and marketing communications, including advertising, via email and/or text message, you can either click the “remove” button located at the bottom of the email sent to you or send an email to [email protected] explicitly stating your refusal to receive such material.


Use of Aggregated Data


The company is committed to enhancing the website and may introduce new features and services. We analyze collected data on website usage for marketing purposes and to enhance, study, and promote website utilization.
For these purposes, the company may share aggregated data with third parties in an anonymous manner. Sharing aggregated data does not disclose personal information about specific website users, including their identities or contact details.


Exceptions to the Privacy Policy


The company reserves the right to make exceptions to the limitations on the use of personal information in two instances:
(1) when disclosure is deemed necessary in good faith to safeguard the company’s safety, property, assets, and/or rights against unauthorized use or misuse of the site or its content, and
(2) when disclosure is required by law, provided it is done to the extent necessary and in a manner that seeks to protect individual privacy.


Use of Cookies


To enable certain features on the website, the company may place one or more cookies in your browser. Cookies help expedite navigation, retain information to prevent repeated data entry, and provide customized content.
Cookies consist of short text containing unique identification numbers, allowing web servers to send and store small pieces of information or text on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies enable web servers to recognize if you have previously visited a webpage.
However, cookies alone cannot disclose a user’s identity.


We utilize cookies to gather and store aggregate data (such as visitor counts) to identify popular pages among users and enhance and update website content.
While browsing our website, you provide us with non-personally identifiable information, which we only use as outlined in this privacy policy. We do not link aggregate information to any individual’s name, address, or other identifying details.


Occasionally, you may receive cookies from unrelated companies or organizations, particularly if they advertise on our site or are linked to it.
These third-party cookies may collect information about you when you interact with their advertisements, content, or links. This practice is common in the internet industry.
As we cannot monitor the data collection practices of these third parties, their cookies are not subject to our Privacy Policy.


Children’s Privacy & Parental Consent


Please be aware that this website is not intended for individuals under the age of 18, and we do not knowingly collect personal information from minors. Those under the age of 18 are prohibited from using this website.
Our privacy policy prohibits the acceptance of users under the age of 18. We specifically request that individuals under the age of 18 refrain from using or providing any information on this website.
In the event that we unintentionally receive personal information or data from users under the age of 18, we will not knowingly disclose this information to any third party.
Any such disclosure would be due to the user under the age of 18 using the website and providing personal information without solicitation or permission from us.


Hoteliers Tech Ltd Privacy Policy


Our fundamental principles regarding user privacy and data protection are as follows:

  1. User privacy and data protection are fundamental rights.
  2. We have a responsibility to safeguard the data of individuals within our care.
  3. Data collection and processing should be limited to what is necessary.
  4. We detest spam as much as you do!
  5. We will never sell, rent, distribute, or publish your personal information without your consent.


Relevant Legislation


This website is designed to comply with national and international legislation concerning data protection and user privacy, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).


Personal Information Collected by This Website and Its Purpose


Website Visit Tracking


Like most websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interactions. We use this data to analyze website usage patterns, understand how users navigate the site, and improve user experience.
GA records information such as geographic location, device, web browser, and operating system, but none of this information personally identifies you to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address, but Google does not grant us access to this data.
Google Analytics uses cookies, which you can disable in your browser settings to prevent tracking on this site.




If you choose to comment on any of our blog posts, the name and email address you provide, along with your computer’s IP address, will be stored in our site’s database.
This information is used solely to identify you as the commenter and will not be shared with any third-party data processors. Your comments and associated personal data will remain on the site until we decide to remove them. If you are under 18, you must obtain parental consent before commenting on our blog. Please refrain from including personally identifiable information in your comments.


Contact Forms and Email Links


When you contact us using the contact form on the “Contact Us” page, the data you provide will not be stored on our site. Instead, it will be compiled into an email and sent to us via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
Our SMTP servers are protected using TLS encryption, ensuring secure transmission of email content.


Email Newsletter


If you opt to subscribe to our email newsletter, the email address you provide will be forwarded to ActiveTrail, our email marketing service provider.
ActiveTrail is considered a third-party data processor (refer to the section below). Your email address will not be stored in our website’s database or on any internal computer systems.


Your email address will remain in ActiveTrail’s database as long as we utilize their services for email marketing or until you explicitly request removal from the list.
You can do this by clicking the removal links included in every newsletter email or by sending a removal request via email. When requesting removal via email, please ensure to use the email address subscribed to the newsletter.


If you are under 18, parental consent is required before subscribing to our email newsletter.


For removal requests or any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]


Third-Party Data Processors


We employ various third parties to process personal data on our behalf. These third-party providers have been carefully selected and comply with the legislation outlined in the section above.

  1. Google (Privacy Policy)
  2. Twitter (Privacy Policy)
  3. Microsoft (Privacy Policy)
  4. Facebook (Privacy Policy)
  5. ActiveTrail (Privacy Policy)
  6. Instagram (Privacy Policy)


Cookie Policy


Our cookie policy governs the use of cookies and similar technologies. We categorize our cookies into three groups:


  1. Essential Cookies (Session Cookies) and Similar Technologies: These cookies are vital for delivering our services on our websites and apps. They enable smooth navigation and optimal user experience based on network speed and device selection.


  1. Analytics Cookies and Similar Technologies: These cookies collect information about your website and app usage to enhance system functionality. They help identify popular pages and usability issues for improvement.


  1. Tracking Cookies, Advertising, and Similar Technologies: These technologies personalize advertisements based on your interests and browsing history.
    Cookies remember your visited sites, allowing targeted ads during subsequent web visits. We may also use location-based ads and clickable offers.


Data Breaches


In the event of an unlawful data breach involving our website’s database or any third-party data processors, we commit to reporting the breach to affected individuals and relevant authorities within 72 hours if it involves identifiable personal data theft.


Updates to Our Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy may undergo revisions periodically to align with legislative and/or industry advancements. While we may not provide explicit notifications to our customers or site users regarding these changes, we encourage you to revisit this page regularly to stay informed about any policy updates.

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